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Emanuel Buttigieg

Associate Professor

Emanuel Buttigieg, an Associate Professor in early modern history at the University of Malta, is a respected scholar and renowned expert in his field.

He has an impressive academic background, including an M.Phil. and Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, where he conducted research on topics such as childhood history in early modern Malta and nobility within the Order of Malta in the seventeenth century. Prof. Buttigieg has authored books, co-edited publications, and contributed to numerous journals and edited books.

He actively participates in the academic community, serving as a coordinator, board member, and committee member for various historical societies. Beyond academia, he shares his expertise through radio and TV appearances and as a presenter on CampusFM.

The 21 Year Long Siege Of Candia (With Professor Buttigieg)
June 20, 2022

The 21 Year Long Siege Of Candia (With Professor Buttigieg)

In this special episode I'm joined by Professor Emanuel Buttigieg from The University Of Malta! The Professor shares with me the fascinating story of The Siege Of Candia that took place over a whopping 21 years starting in 1648. The …

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