I hope you enjoyed season 4! New episodes coming late January 2023.

About The Show

  • What is this podcast about?
    • Elliot Gates shares the most mind-blowing and unbelievable tales of defiance throughout world history. Epic Last stands, doomed final speeches and spectacular victories, find them all here.
  • Is this show appropriate for all ages?
    • Generally, yes. There are occasional cuss words, but if an episode discusses mature themes (usually descriptions of graphic violence) I will put a warning at the start of an episode.
  • Where can I find the sources you used?
    • All sources used can be found within the show notes for each individual episode.

  • Where can I listen to it?
    • On any podcasting platform, links can be found on the homepage.
  • Where can I get the latest updates?
    • Our Instagram page has regular postings about next episodes, as well as supporting pictures. We also have Facebook.