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Excellent Storyteller

Well researched and interesting presentation.I enjoy listening.

Brilliant show!

I really enjoy the way he discusses historical figures that people should know more about. My favorite episodes are about Skanderbeg and Prince Eugene of Savoy! Overall I’m excited to hear more from him, plus he has a great accent!

Great podcast!

Super informative, narrator has a very calming voice. Great insights into lesser known heroes

Two thumbs up

What a great history podcast. It’s nice to hear about some of the leaser told stories have some of the great men of history!

Anthology of Heroes

Enjoyable and easy to listen to podcast about lesser know historical figures. Eliot’s research is in depth and he offers opposing views of the same incident.

This Podcast Is Exceptional

The storytelling is captivating. The production quality is great. If you like stories about freedom fighters who are not household names, then this is the podcast for you. Can’t get enough of this. Great job!

Wonderful podcast

Well produced and very interesting. Add this to your rotation.

I was a little bit sceptical at first, because of all the fire and explosions in the description. I feared that the focus might be on battle scenes. So I was intrigued to find an episode on Ram Mohan Roy, not exactly a bloodthirsty warrior. I listened to it and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. The narrator manages to discuss the life and legacy of this complicated historical figure in serious depth. If you then consider the range of his topics, he must have an impressive historical knowledge! On top of that, he never lost my attention: a pleasant voice to listen to (you quickly get used to the accent). I will certainly keep following this podcast!

Loving this podcast! Short biographies of interesting people from history. If you're into people and history, worth a listen!

What a cool way to learn!

I love learning history, but usually the stories are told in such a boring way. Not that way here! The host keeps it entertaining and really paints the picture for you. The stories are super interesting and some serious research and effort goes into creating this. Well done!

Very informative!

This is a really great Podcast for someone interested in learning some really great and interesting stories from someone who's passion for history shines through his speaking voice. It's cool hearing from someone who you can tell really dives into his stories! Highly recommend!

Not clickbait crap by any stretch

This show is well researched and engrossing. The episode about the “cannibal emperor” is dark and fascinating.

Love it!!

This show is very well researched and tells unique stories I have never heard before!

Unique among History Podcasts

Such a colorful cast of unique and fascinating characters throughout history. Narrator has a very pleasant voice & stories are fresh & interesting. Blackbeard episode is my favorite so far, but have many more to dive into!

Interesting first episode, looking forward to those to come

I’ve only ever heard about Skanderbeg from “crazy” uncles that would bring him up at family gatherings. It was interesting hearing about the history from a more unbiased third party teller.