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The Last Afghan Empire of Ahmad Shah Durrani (Part 2)

November 22, 2021

The Last Afghan Empire of Ahmad Shah Durrani (Part 2)
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Ahmad Shah Durrani had made his mark.

Every tribesman in Afghanistan recognised him as King.

In Delhi, the Grand Mughal cowered behind his peacock thrown, in fear of what the Afghan warlord would do next.

But all was not well for the Pearl of Pearls, by vanquishing the Mughals, he had ripped the scab off a wound that had been festering for generations.

The people of India: Sikhs, Marathi's and Jat's had tolerated subjugation for a millennia, but bowing to a foreign Afghan king - don't be ridiculous.

An enormous battle was coming, and neither side would be taking prisoners...

The climactic end to the life of Ahmad Shah Durrani and The Last Afghan Empire.

Further Reading:

  • An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul, and its Dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and India by Mountstuart Elphinstone (1815)
  • Ahmed Durrani Durani, Father of Modern Afghanistan by Ghanda Singh (1959)
  • Panipat By T. S. Shejwalkar (1761)



  • Who was Ahmad Shah Durrani
    • Ahmad Shah Durrani was a Pashtun from the 18th century. He is remembered as the first to unite the tribes of Afghanistan.
  • Ahmad Shah Durrani or Abdali
    • Abdali was his clan name, Durrani was the name he took on as a title after his crowning.
  • How Ahmad Shah Durrani died
    • Ahmad Shah Durrani died of a unclear illness that may have been cancer. He had a festering face wound which progressively worsened which may have contributed.
  • What was Ahmad Shah Durrani's treasure?
    • The Kohinoor diamond was looted by Ahmad Shah Durrani from Nadar Shah, after his death.


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