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Blackbeard was a pirate from the 18th century. He delighted in terrorising pirates and civilians alike as his iconic Jolly Roger flag spread fear across the high seas.

Encouraging stories of his own depravity, Blackbeard earned a fierce reputation as an almost demonically cruel man who was prone to bouts of fury and insanity all topped with a superhuman ability to consume alcohol.

But how long could his crime spree continue unchecked? As the bounty on his head grew, a young British lieutenant named Robert Maynard thought he would take his chance...


  • How did Blackbeard die?
    • Gunshot and sword wounds after a duel with Lieutenant Robert Maynard
  • Where did Blackbeard die?
    • Ocracoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina (USA).
  • What was his real name?
    • No one knows for sure. Likely Edward Teach or Edward Thatch.
  • What was Edward Teach's flag?
    • Blackbeard/Edward Teach sailed under several flags. His most common one was a white devil spearing a red heart.


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