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'Saviour' of The Reconquista: El Cid (Part 2)

April 25, 2022

'Saviour' of The Reconquista: El Cid (Part 2)
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"In Spain's rich history, El Cid is remembered above all others".

El Cid was down but not out!
After sacking King Alfonso's lands he was in exile, barred from returning to his home and family.

But, his deeds had made him famous and he soon found employment in the pay of al-Mu'taman, Lord of Zaragoza.

As The Cid eyed off a city to call his own, an old enemy would return from across the straits of Africa.

And, with nowhere else to turn, King Alfonso would beg El Cid to return...

The second and final part of The Life of Rodrigo Diaz: El Cid, 'Christian Saviour' Of The Reconquista.


  • Did El Cid pull the beard of García Ordóñez?
    • There is no historical proof for this taking place.

  • What does ‘El Cid’ mean?
    • ‘The Lord’. It is a corruption of the Arabic term ‘Sayyid’ which El Cid was likely referred to by his Moorish soldiers (though there is no Islamic sources that support this).

  • Was El Cid from poverty?
    • His family were well-to-do. They were not rich, but were not peasants.

  • Did the infantes of Carrion marry El Cid’s daughters?
    • This story comes from ‘The Poem Of El Cid’. It has no historical accuracy.

  • Was El Cid’s dead body mounted on a horse to lead his men into battle?
    • No. The story likely originates from his wife, Ximena bringing his body back to Castile.

  • Did El Cid fill a treasure chest with sand, and trick his debtors into believing it was filled with gold?
    • This story comes from ‘The Poem Of El Cid’. It has no historical accuracy.

  • Did the swords: Colada and Tizona really belong to El Cid?
    • These swords exist (currently in the Museum of Madrid) but whether they were owned by El Cid is dubious.

  • Was El Cid loyal to King Alphonso VI?
    • El Cid’s loyalty swayed back and forth over his lifetime.

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