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Ned Kelly, The Last Bushranger

August 19, 2020

Ned Kelly, The Last Bushranger
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Ned Kelly was an Australian living in the 1850s. Unhappy with his life he becomes a bushranger and forms a gang who craft their own medieval armour.

The ‘Kelly Gang’ take the country by storm with their quirky bank robberies and hatred of the police force. Ned Kelly is remembered by many Australian’s as a folk hero to this day.

This podcast tells the story of his turbulent life.

The Jerilderie Letter, dictated by Joe Byrne, written by Ned Kelly (1879)

Link to the 'Ned Kelly Trail' - A great weekend road trip



  • Why is Ned Kelly so famous
    • Ned Kelly is famous because he was one of the last bushrangers in Australia. He is remembered as a kind of Australian 'Robin Hood'.
  • How did Ned Kelly die
    • Ned Kelly was executed by hanging on 11/11/1880.
  • How old was Ned Kelly when he died
    • 25 years old.
  • Was Ned Kelly married
    • No.
  • How did Ned Kelly make his armor
    • In a home-made furnace using melted down farm equipment.



The Ice Giants by Kevin MacLeod