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Who Was Skanderbeg?

Gjergj Kastrioti, known as Skanderbeg was an Albanian who lived in the 15th century.

As the Ottoman Empire pushed into his tiny homeland he made the decision to stand and fight.

Venetians, Ottomans and even fellow Albanian's would try their luck, but through tactical brilliance and his cult of personality; Skanderbeg would hold the line.

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  • Who was Skanderbeg
    • Skanderbeg was an Albanian nobleman in the 15th century who fought an outnumbered war against the Ottomans. He is remembered today as Albania's national hero.
  • Why is Skanderbeg important
    • Skanderbeg was the first person to lead the cause of Albanian identity. He bought the people of Albania together under a common cause.
  • How tall was Skanderbeg
    • He is described as very tall by his biographer, but his exact height is not recorded.
  • Did Skanderbeg ever lose a battle
    • No. He never lost a battle that he was personally involved in.
  • What does Skanderbeg mean
    • 'Skanderbeg' is a nickname coming from the word 'Beg' meaning 'Lord' and 'Iskander' which was a reference to Alexander The Great.
  • Where is Skanderbeg's sword
    • Skanderbeg's sword and helmet are on display at the Neue Burg museum in Vienna, Austria.


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