Feb. 28, 2021

Alfred The Great And The Last Kingdom (Part 2)

After a humiliating defeat, Alfred retreats to the swamps of Wessex and desperately tries to pickup the pieces of his shattered kingdom. Meanwhile, Viking Warlord Guthrum recruits more Danes to help subdue the troublesome realm. The fate of England balances …

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Feb. 22, 2021

Alfred The Great And The Last Kingdom (Part 1)

Alfred was the ruler of the Kingdom of Wessex in the 9th century. As the rest of England fell to Viking invaders he won a string of miraculous victories and pushed back the heathens. It seemed God stood with him, …

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Feb. 7, 2021

Tituba, The Black Witch Of Salem

Tituba was a slave in the highly religious town of Salem, Massachusetts. After being wrongly convicted of witchcraft she ensured her survival by involving other townsfolk in her story of rituals, spells and The Devil.

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Jan. 25, 2021

Abu Tahir Al-Jannabi, The Muslim Who Sacked Mecca

Abu Tahir was the leader of a mystical offshoot of mainstream Islam known as 'The Qarmatians'. He created a kind of 'proto-communist' enclave on the Arabian peninsula, and successfully defended it from the Abbasid Caliphate. But soon his hatred of …

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Jan. 13, 2021

Eugene Of Savoy, Saviour Of House Habsburg

Eugene was a French aristocrat born in the 17th century. After being snubbed by the French King for his ugly face and frail body, he rose through the ranks of the Austrian military and bought the Arrogant French King and …

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Dec. 24, 2020

Blackbeard, Scourge Of The Sea

Blackbeard was a pirate from the 18th century. He delighted in terrorising pirates and civilians alike as his iconic Jolly Roger flag spread fear across the high seas. Encouraging stories of his own depravity, Blackbeard earned a fierce reputation as …

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Dec. 6, 2020

Imadaddin Nasimi, The Poet Martyr

Imadaddin Nasimi wrote heretical poetry in 14th century Azerbaijan. Despite being banned, his altruistic poetry was incredibly popular and helped give rise to the Azerbaijani language. He evaded capture for many years but when he saw a man being tortured …

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Nov. 30, 2020

Welcome to Anthology Of Heroes!

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Nov. 16, 2020

St Gregory The Illuminator And The Birth Of The Church

St Gregory was one of the first Christian missionaries in the 3rd century. He bought his faith to Armenia, and received a hostile reception from King Tiradates III who tortured him mercilessly attempting to making him recant his faith. When …

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Oct. 20, 2020

The First King Of Numidia, Masinissa

Masinissa was the son of a minor Berber Chieftain around the time of the Punic Wars. Through his skills as a cavalry commander he became Rome's most important ally, and the first King of Numidia. By the end of his …

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Oct. 6, 2020

Wilfred the Hairy And Charlemagne's Last Rump State

The March of Barcelona was created as a buffer zone by Charlemagne in the 8th century. Over the course of years, all counties except Andorra were absorbed by Spain or France. Listen in for the bizarre history of why Andorra …

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Sept. 22, 2020

The Slave Who Became A King, Zumbi Dos Palmares

Zumbi was a descendant of Angolan royalty who was enslaved and sent to Brazil. He led a guerrilla war against the Portuguese, and built a city deep within the Amazon rainforest for runaway slaves. Under his brilliant leadership, he turned …

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Aug. 19, 2020

Australian Outlaw Ned Kelly and His Gang

We hear the story of one of Australia's most infamous outlaws - Ned Kelly. We learn about his early life, and how he became involved in crime. We hear about the rise of the Kelly Gang, and their notorious crimes. …

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July 24, 2020

Black Caesar, Australia's First Bushranger

A stranger in a strange land, John "Black" Caesar was a convict sentenced to 7 years of hard labour in the brand new British colony of Australia in the late 1700s. Despite his obscurity, he was one of the first …

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May 15, 2020

Scanderbeg: The Albanian Hero Who Defied the Ottoman Empire

We tell the story of George Kastrioti, better known as Scanderbeg. Scanderbeg was a 15th century Albanian nobleman who played a pivotal role in resistance against the Ottoman Empire. He was a skilled military leader, but he also had the …

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